About Tasty Little Morsels

Hi, I’m Lori Granieri.  Welcome to Tasty Little Morsels, a blog about all kinds of things I like that are in the realm of food and drinks, entertaining, celebrating, and fun.  Tasty because it’s either literally tasty (i.e. food) or figuratively tasty (i.e. juicy tidbits of information).  Little — some stuff is little because I like little foods – appetizers, tapas, etc. — and in some ways it’s little because it’s a blog, and it consists of small amounts of info.  Morsels – – meaning bites of food and also bits of this and that.

It’s something that’s close to my heart.  I’ve been learning about, writing about, and experimenting with food and entertaining for years, and I love to share bits of information with others.  I have a varied background.  I’m currently a mom, wife, graduate student, and writer.  In my earlier life, in addition to being a writer (I’ve been one for many years), I was also a newspaper reporter, PR person, and author of two published books: Abbondanza! Planning an Italian Wedding and Italian-American Holiday Traditions.  I have many interests – weddings, parties, kids, travel, food, wine, etc.  Check out my other blog www.mommy-living.blogspot.com (which is focused on mommy/parent/kid/baby stuff.


PS — This headshot of me was from a couple of years ago.  I literally have no recent pictures that are just of me.  I’ll replace it as soon as I get one.


One thought on “About Tasty Little Morsels

    Rhonda Gillon said:
    February 24, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Lori,

    I did see your website when I was in Monterey, thanks for the info. We had a great time. I love your blogs, how exciting that you put this together, it is really neat.

    Just thought I would post a quick note, I hope everything is fabulous with you!

    Take care,

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