Ideas for Leftover Turkey

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You can do more with leftover turkey than make sandwiches.  Here are a couple simple ideas:

Mini Turkey Pot Pies

1 potato, peeled and diced

1 cup of diced carrots

1 cup of diced turkey (or chicken)

1 can of cream of mushroom soup

1 can/package of biscuit dough (i.e. Pillsbury Grands)

Nonstick cooking spray

Muffin pan

1 tablespoon butter

Heat oven to 375.  Steam potato and carrot cubes until tender.  Spray muffin pan compartments/cups with cooking spray.  Split biscuit dough into halves.  Place ½ of each biscuit dough into each muffin pan cup, and press it to cover the cup.  Spoon about ½ tablespoon of cream of mushroom soup into each dough cup.  Then, spoon carrots, potatoes and turkey into dough cups up to the top.  Place remaining dough halves on top of each biscuit cup and seal onto the bottom half of the dough.  Spread butter on top of each little pot pie.  Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes (or until golden brown). 

Turkey, potatoes, carrots, cream of mushroom soup

Add soup to biscuit cup.
Ready for the oven
Out of the oven, golden brown
Mini turkey pot pies
They can also be served like a little bowl of soup.

Turkey Quesadillas

No explanation needed here.  Just two tortillas, some cheese and shredded turkey.  Cook in a Panini grill.


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