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Planning An Italian Themed Wedding?

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Here are some ideas for planning a wedding (or other event) with an Italian theme or motif. 

Pink and creme garden roses accented with grapes and ivy
Centerpiece: tall hurricane candle holder with roses, grapes and ivy
Venetian gondola couple wedding invitation I found years ago
Hand-painted table card (each guest table is named for an Italian city)
Book I wrote with tons of Italian Wedding ideas

The photos above include: elegant flower arrangements and centerpieces with pale pink and creme roses with grapes and cascading ivy make for a Tuscan vineyard motif; a beautiful invitation features a bride and groom on a Venetian gondola.  It’s called Gondola Newlyweds, or Les Maries En Gondole, by Marie Versailles (I ordered this online a few years back, but now can’t locate the source); instead of assigning numbers to guest tables, you could name each table after an Italian city and/or region; although it’s out of print now, you can still find my book Abbondanza! Planning an Italian Wedding by Lori Granieri from various online vendors. It features numerous ideas for Italian weddings (traditions, food, decor, etc.).  Also, feel free to contact me for further ideas. 

For additional ideas for a Venetian themed wedding, see 

Also, below are some ideas for food to add to the Italian Wedding menu (mostly as appetizers).  Bon Apetito! 

Mini Heart Calzone Prosciutto and Melon
Mini Italian Sandwiches
Biscotti (to add to the dessert table)
Roasted Garlic with Focaccia Squares
Italian White Bean Salad (a great side dish)
Stuffed Celery and Prociutto Wrapped Cheese

Recipes for some of the above dishes: 

Italian White Bean and Vegetable Salad 

Italian Appetizers 

Mini Italian Appetizers 

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon 

Roasted Garlic and Focaccia Bites 

Also (not pictured): 

Mini Crab Meatballs 

Shrimp Scampi