Italian Easter Ideas

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Here are a few ideas for adding Italian touches to your Easter celebration.

Italian Easter feasts feature any number of the following dishes: lamb, goat, ham, turkey, egg dishes (from hard boiled to deviled to frittatas to rustica), pastas, potatoes, vegetables, salads, lots of breads, and of, course, numerous sweets – specifically pastries and cakes. 

Italian Easter sweets and baked items include: braided Easter bread with the eggs baked inside (pictured above), called pani festivi, and a dove-shaped bread (also pictured above) called Colomba, tortas, pastiera, cannoli, zeppole, rum cakes and assorted cookies.

Another nice touch for the dessert table that you can find at many Italian markets is Perugina chocolate (pictured above).  Often made in the shape of a bunny or a hollowed egg with a prize inside, these favored Italian goodies make wonderful gifts.

Here are some sources for Easter goodies – from breads and pastries to chocolates and other gift items:

Bunny Hop Pasta:

Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs

Mini Easter Pizza (candy, great to put in Easter basket)

Italian Easter Cake,foodhalls-easter-2010/p/000000000002082679

Italian Cookies


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