Month: December 2009

Merry Belated Christmas

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Arghhh!!!  I completely missed posting Christmas-related stuff and now it’s too late.  I was just too busy —  finishing up one crazy semester (of grad school), tending to baby, and getting all my stuff ready for Christmas (shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, visiting, etc.).  It’s too bad because I had lots of ideas related to Christmas.  I kept meaning to get to it.  Oh well.  I’ll be back on here more now that it’s over.  Happy Holidays!


Steak Feta Lettuce Wraps

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2 large leaves of iceberg lettuce

Leftover steak (I used filet mignon from my dinner out the night before)

2 spoonfuls of feta cheese

½ Roma tomato

Ranch dressing

Finely chop up steak and tomato and divide up into 2 lettuce leaves.  Sprinkle on feta cheese and drizzle on dressing.  This is a great way to use up leftover steak (sorry Kensi, my dog), and a great idea for a low-carb dish.  Chopped avocado would also be a good addition.