Monterey – Water Wonderland

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(Continuing Monterey Series)

Monterey offers several ways to experience the ocean and sea life.  Among great vantage points are two parallel wharfs in the Monterey Harbor.  The well-known Old Fisherman’s Wharf is brimming with shops and restaurants.  It’s great for browsing, tasting clam chowder and for strolling in the salt air and taking in the views.  It is also where you can catch whale watching boat excursions.  The nearby Municipal Wharf II features wholesale fish companies, commercial abalone farm, and a few restaurants.  Sea lions are abundant there for obvious reasons. 



If you like being even closer to the water, you can rent kayaks from various companies and locations – including Pacific Grove’s Lover’s Point in Cannery Row or at the Harbor.

 Another great place to view whales from shore is Point Lobos State Reserve (off Highway 1, three miles south of Carmel).  It’s also great for hiking and just taking in the scenery.


Fisherman’s Wharf

Whale Watching

Kayak Rentals



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