Monterey – Getting Out – Walking Trails

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There is plenty of sightseeing to do in every area of the Monterey Peninsula.   You can either walk or rent bikes (or a family-sized surrey) and hit the Monterey Regional Recreation Trail, a five-mile pathway that runs through Cannery Row and Pacific Grove.  From the ocean-front trail, you’re likely to see sea otters, seals, sea lions, pelicans and more in the not-so-distant bay.  I used to walk this beautiful path every day with my dog Kensi.  On a few occasions, we were encountered by some cranky geese that honked viciously at us when we walked by.  We continued on, amused and unscathed.

There are several additional walking paths to take in even more scenery — vibrant purple flowers, Cypress trees and plants along a backdrop of crystal blue sky.  Also in the vicinity is Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove, a grassy park that overlooks the bay, and is a great vantage point for spotting otters and other sea life.


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