October is Italian Heritage Month

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Italian Table

To all of you out there who have some degree of an Italian background (like me) and/or who love Italian things (Italian food, music, art, Italy), it’s time to celebrate.  Raise your glass of Chianti, cappuccino, or Italian soda in honor of Italian Heritage Month. 

The month of October was long ago designated Italian Heritage Month in honor of the contributions of Italians in everything from art and music to science and industry.  Coinciding with Columbus Day, which is observed on the second Monday of October (not so much in California, but more so on the East Coast), Italian Heritage Month was created to give people of Italian descent an opportunity to celebrate their ancestry via activities and events organized by various groups and communities, as well as by learning more about their family background and the Italian culture.  Now, it’s also a great excuse to just have some fun with family and friends.  And while Columbus Day can be a controversial topic, I like to think of Italian Heritage Month as something separate from that and noncontroversial. 

candel2      ChiantiBig

To celebrate, you might want to break out the Italian cookbooks, or your great-grandmother’s recipes, and cook up a feast.  Serve it on a table set with a red and white checked table cloth and colorful dripping candles held in old empty Chianti bottles.  Or, you might go out to one or a few of your favorite Italian restaurants, or even attend an Italian festival or event.

 Here are a few organized Italian-related events in honor of Italian Heritage Month.  Check back for more Italian ideas throughout the rest of this month.

 For lots of Italian events taking place throughout the U.S., visit


 Here’s the Great Italian Festival, taking place this weekend in Reno


 The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles is offering several events (including the 9th Annual Italian Language Week, October 19-25)


 The Italian Film Festival in Marin County (California) takes place on various dates in October and November:


 Here are some events taking place at the University of the Pacific, Stockton (California)




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