Santa Barbara Zoo – A Zoo with a View

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As far as zoos go, the Santa Barbara Zoo is one of the prettiest – set near the coast in beautiful Santa Barbara.  Breezy, green, and charming, it’s a fun place to go to relax, learn, explore, and enjoy the outdoors.  You can even see the ocean from various vantage points.  Hop aboard the Zoo Train for a behind-the-zoo-scenes look.  Explore on foot and marvel at the amazing animals – the magnificent elephants, the sleeping lions, the playful penguins, majestic gorillas, busy meerkats, and the hungry giraffes (which you can feed from your own hands). 

View from SB Zoo
View from SB Zoo


Majestic Elephant
Magnificent Elephant

 Last time I was there, I got a little spooked by the leopard that seemed to glare hungrily as he slowly walked all the way up to the window – a couple feet from me (he then turned around and walked away).  I got a kick out of this clever white bird that kept digging into the side of this large rock formation.  When I looked closely, I could see that it was holding a rock in its beak as a digging tool. 

Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion
Clever Bird
Clever Bird

 For more information on the SB Zoo, visit


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